West End Architectural Salvage

My involvement with West End Architectural Salvage began with my search for a unique venue to host my wedding and reception. After falling in love with the place, I was hired in May of 2011 to complete and maintain a new Web site, to take photos and videos of items and events, and to ramp up their current social networking outlets.

The goal for this Web site has been to focus the energetic spirit and unique eclecticism of West End into an informational resource for enchanting potential customers into coming down to the store in Des Moines, Iowa. Great lengths were made to use the creative chaos of the West End environment while organizing all they have to offer in an easy to navigate and regularly updated site.

The end product has proven to increase the lure of new customers with community activities, custom furniture opportunities and a truly unique salvage exploration. By using this site, while continuing their strong word-of-mouth marketing approach, the gang at West End still makes each customer feel as though they have stumbled across an amazing treasure that they’ll want to share with their friends.

To the West End! →

Home page with promo for auditions to be on the Second Season of West End Salvage

Tin-top tables

Seating Area w/ combine corn head sconce

Salvaged street signs

Photo from the second floor

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