thumbnails of ROME 2000

More than two decades later, join graphic designers Heather, Nick, Curt, Rachel, Casey and Alicia as we experience studying abroad in Rome, Italy!

Conceived by Heather Dubinskas and Nick Tann, “thumbnails” recreates the visual abundance and sensory overload of being the first group of graphic design students to experience Iowa State University’s study abroad program in Rome. As guinea pigs, many of us felt like tag-alongs to the more established architecture and interior design programs, however, much learning took place in, and out of the studio.

Initially developed as a Focus Grant project, “thumbnails” includes video clips arranged in four quadrants on the infamous quote table to maximize the anxiety and unrefined characteristics of this very memorable experience. 

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September themes include: plane travel; assembling IKEA furniture; creating a coffee (and quote) table from the cardboard boxes; faculty dinner with copious amounts of house wine; Piazza Navona neighborhood exploration; and an art history field trip to the Roman Forum.

October themes include: field trip to a terracotta factory, crazy show, the Regia palace and the Amalfi coast; IKEA vodka apples; birthday party; corporate design project brainstorming.

November themes include: field trip to Milan and Florence; Bodoni Museum, Bobolii and the David; Venice, gondola ride and the Grand Canal.

December themes include: final days in Rome; graphic design exhibition; street soccer and final thoughts.