This story, by Jamie Smith Hopkins of the Baltimore Sun, came in first (Best in Show) for Business Reporting at the 2013 MDDC Press Awards.

Home page slide photo: A workman in the blast furnace at Bethlehem Steel Co in October, 1951. (Robert F. Kniesche/Baltimore Sun)


  • Hi, i was just wondering if someone can help me find out my father records at Bethlehem steel company in Baltimore , his name is maximo vellido ( passed away 15years ago, ) he used to work for that company for 30-40 years estimated.. i haven’t met and even see his picture, i dont know how to contact to company.. he died for a lung cancer.. as what my mom said according to my father, he worked hard overtime,and give his whole life to that company and got nothing in returned. I am also one of the veterans survivor family.. thanks

  • Hi Marielle,

    I haven’t worked at the Baltimore Sun for a few years so unfortunately I won’t be any help to you. Try contacting the newsroom here:

    Email with news tips or call (410) 332-6000 with tips or general inquiries

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