David Young Furniture Design

(September 2006)

David Young is an extremely talented artist and craftsman and I was pleased to design a few pieces for him to take on the road. In 2006, he really started hitting the art show circuit and needed some commission forms, price tags, signage and a variety of memorable postcards for those visiting his booth. But before I could deliver on the goods, we needed a strong identity.

First off, I felt that using the full business name of David Young Furniture Design was very important because of his site url, davidyoungfurnituredesign.com. Furthering that connection, I chose to use his signature, which was featured in his site header, as a design element for the logotype of the full business name. Then, because of his strong design style and current body of work, the font and color choices just slide into place.

The final printed pieces all came together rather quickly after the identity was created. I was lucky enough to have access to some great photos from one of his photographer friends, so after clipping out the backgrounds, my job was basically done.

Simple, classic, image-dominant. Let the furniture speak for itself.